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How Edgewise Can Help You

Edgewise consultants can provide innovative solutions to user interaction design problems, architect real-time digital media systems and multi-user collaborative applications, They can define, manage and execute your outsourced software engineering programs, particularly those needing 3d graphics or digital media. We can even build you a web site. (Ask about our $2000 web site special.) We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the whole problem and architect a solution, to explain complex concepts and design issues, and to create easily understood code.


  • 3D Graphics, especially OpenGL, OpenGL ES & WebGL
  • HTML5
  • Digital Media
  • Interaction & UI Design
  • MPEG 3DG standards


Software design, analysis & implementation; prototype applications; feasibility studies & technology evaluations; project planning & management; expert witness; web site design & implementation.


Interactive entertainment companies, internet startups, venture partnerships, software vendors, companies deploying web sites...